What we mean when we say.....



That people should have the freedom to make their own decisions on issues or actions that directly affect their lives, without others exercising power or control over them and vice versa. For example, that everyone should have the ability to express their sexuality and sex and/or gender identity in whatever way they choose.

Consensus decision making:

A process of decision making that involves complete agreement by all those involved, with any objections or differences being absorbed into the final decision. Hence, all decisions made within Camp Out are agreed upon by all Camp Out Crew, involving discussion of differences of opinion and the resolution of objections.


Camp Out aims to be a sustainable organisation, with any money that is received by Camp Out being used to facilitate the running of Camp Out. All of the Camp Out Crew are volunteers.


The organisational structure of Camp Out is such that every Crew member has the same decision making power as the next.

Social justice:

We recognise that marginalisation and oppression - for example in regards to gender, sexuality, race, ability and class - exist in our society. With this recognition we aim to work towards changing this and creating a world in which no one person is valued over another. This process is present throughout all of Camp Out's core values.